Salute to Vets

Salute to Vets

As a Marine Corps Veteran, I want to say thank you to the businesses and communities who appreciate what my brothers and sisters in uniform have done for this country. When I was in, the meaning of Veterans Day felt less about the troops and more about the holiday, but two major combat engagements have changed a lot since 2001.

As a Vet, I am always looking for ways to continue my service. My back injury prevents me from continuing to serve in uniform, so I had to find another way to give back. I thought of getting into law enforcement, but it had become politicized and the feeling of the Community Officer walking a beat and knowing his citizens seems to have moved away towards more modern and advanced methodologies. So I found another alternative and got into the Security Industry. Here, I was able to interact within the community and get to know the residents and know more about their day to day struggles. I received a college degree in the Criminal Justice field, and eventually opened my own Security and Investigations business. But still, I want to do more.

And I am not alone. Millions of Vets in this nation continue to serve in some way, shape or form. Some get into law enforcement, some become lawyers, some become entrepreneurs. They become leaders in their fields, innovators and motivators. Being a Vet isn’t just about once wearing a uniform, its about a set of morals, values and dedications we took when we recited our oath of enlistments. Duty. A small four letter word that holds an enormous amount of weight. Today, we celebrate those who wore that uniform and brought those traits into our communities. We know the sacrifice they made, ranging from being separated from their families when they deployed to suffering from injuries or illness as a result of their service. And its up to us to continue to show our appreciation to them for the costs they have so honorably paid.

So tonight, as you sit down for dinner, enjoy the barbecue, or crack open a beer; raise a glass and salute to our wonderful Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers. Aw, hell. You can raise a glass for our puddle jumping cousins, the Coasties too. We enjoy all we have today because of their dedication to our nation and to our freedom. Thank you all.