Impeachment Lite or Impeachment Lie?

Chairman Nadler and Speaker Pelosi led Impeachment Scam?

Donald Trump has been impeached, sort of. The House, voting along 100% partisan lines, voted to approve the two articles of impeachment against Trump. One for abuse of power and the second for obstructing Congress. However, the impeachment is not official yet. For some unknown reason, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to wait on delivering the articles to the Senate for the trial. This whole process has been a bizarre joke, and this just about tops it for the House.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand how the whole process works. Until the articles have been delivered, Trump has not been impeached. Look at it like a criminal trial. The grand jury has voted for prosecution, but the the State Attorney has not filed the “true bill” with the court. Until he does, there is no indictment. Same thing here. Its procedural, and the House will eventually submit the articles to the Senate, or else risk them being nullified. I also find it funny how people have been for years saying they can’t wait until he gets impeached only to realize that impeachment does not mean removed from office or arrested. It doesn’t even mean he cannot be re-elected in 2020.

But let’s look at this impeachment, and understand why it is a joke and that there was no real case against Trump. The first of the two articles against Trump is “Abuse of Power” in regards to his demanding an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden, by the Ukrainians. This is straight up fictitious. The second is “Obstructing Congress”. Also fictitious. Here are the facts:

  • Trump did not mention the military aid/funding a single time. He never made any part of their conversation conditional. It wasn’t brought up a single time in any following conversations either.
  • Trump did ask for a favor, that Ukraine look into the DNC server regarding the interference of the 2016 election. While it is accepted that the Russians interfered, there are questions about how much Ukrainians were involved, especially in regards to the Steele Dossier. Even if their involvement was at a minimum, there was nothing wrong with asking the new President who ran on the anti-corruption platform to look into it.
  • Trump never demanded that Biden be investigated. One of the areas being misquoted about the phone call by the Democrats is that Trump told Zelensky to do him a favor and investigate Joe Biden. However, the part about doing Trump a favor was asked in a separate section of the call and was not connected to when Trump mentioned Biden. They were two separate topics in that conversation. And Trump never demanded or even asked Zelensky to investigate Biden, he asked him to look into the termination of Shokin.
  • The termination of Shokin is the key issue into whether or not Trump’s action were an abuse of power. However, it was never discussed nor were the Republicans allowed to call witnesses who could answer that question. If Shokin was shutdown by the US Ambassador and then fired at the demand of Biden for $1b in US loan guarantees, then there are legitimate questions regarding corruption. If they wanted to prove that this was 100% political, they could have subpoenaed Hunter Biden or Zlovchesky and inquired to why he worked at Burisma and Shokin on why his investigation stalled.
  • The House provided no evidence of any wrong doing by anyone. There were no emails, call transcripts, witnesses, memos or any form of evidence that showed that Trump withheld aid specifically to ensure that an investigation to Joe Biden was started. The was not even a crime presented by the Dem’s, only a vague description of abuse of power. The only direct, fact witness presented by the House was Ambassador Sondland who clearly said that Trump told him that he wanted nothing from Zelensky, and that Zelensky just needed to do what he promised when he ran for President. Sondland also made it very clear that he had no evidence other than his personal speculation that there was a tie between the aid hold and wanting this investigation. Sondland was also the source for the whistleblower and all the other people who testified, reacting, not to what Trump did, but to what Sondland assumed. So if Sondland was the entire source and his infomation is basd on personal assumptions and not actual evidence, there is no case against Trump.
  • The “Obstruction of Congress” is ridiculous because of the fact that there is a separation of powers between all three branches of government. The executive branch does have executive privilege and it tried to exercise that privilege when the House subpoenaed both documents and staff. Trump refused and the matter was sent to court. This is how the separation of powers is supposed to work. This is also why the Supreme Court has granted certiorari to review the matter. As a result, the Supreme Court, by granting certiorari, has already ruled this to be a legitimate legal matter that needs to be reviewed and therefore cannot be an “obstruction of Congress”. If the court rules against Trump and then he fails to comply, then the administration would have committed a crime of obstruction.

Look, Trump is definitely a bully and a braggart. He says things that are inappropriate and unprofessional. His biggest enemy is his own Twitter Account. But those are not reasons to impeach the President. I am not a fan of Trump, I do not agree with some of his policies or behaviors. But I am not also die hard opposed to the man. He broke the system. He shook it to its core and now the establishment is trying to destroy him because they don’t know what to do. The normal situations do not effect him. He thrives on scandal when other politicians would collapse. He is the outsider, and that makes people happy to see him turning the screws on the career politicians.

For all the bad, like losing solid cabinet members, pulling out of Syria the way he did, his imperfect phone call, the structured chaos rocking the White House, etc; he has done a lot of good as well. He fixed VA Choice, continues to build upon a great economy, criminal justice reform, ending bogging regulations, privatizing areas of the government, and many more. He can get things done, and if he hadn’t faced such strong opposition, making him into an embattled President in the eyes of our allies and enemies, he could have accomplished so much more. But the politicians are divisive would rather have all the power than share it. This is why the House passed nearly 400 partisan bills they knew would never get accepted in the Senate, so that they can lie and said they did something and it was the Republicans fault nothing got done.

As a result of this impeachment scam, there is a real possibility that the Dems take a massive hit. It won’t destroy the party, but it could give strength to an independent. And if the rumors are true that Tulsi Gabbard may run as an independent, she is someone that even I could support as a conservative. So the impeachment decision isn’t doing to impact this administration, and I think it will have a greater impact on the democrats election chances than Trumps, but we still have less than a year to go. Plenty of time for scandals, conspiracies, improper tweets and even a second impeachment attempt. So we shall see.