About Us

About US

This website got its start 12 years ago as a web based forum where people could openly discuss political views in an intellectual and courteous manner. The reality is that no matter our political beliefs, we are all American and our politics do not define who we are. Due to time constraints between work, college and raising a family, I couldn’t dedicate the time I needed into this site and keep it going. Posts become more sparse until there was eventually no activity as all. I shut it down.

Here I am again, and the politics in this nation have gotten out of control. People hating on each other, making death threats over opinions that they didn’t like, fake news and misleading memes fill our social media pages. Seriously, people threatened a child over dressing up like a New York Congresswoman. So I decided to come back. This time, as a news provider.

Let me be up front. I am a Conservative and frequently voted Republican. However, I am an American first and I am not blind to see the flaws in some Conservative arguments. I am for small governments, which means I cannot support abortion legislation. I am an atheist, but believe in freedom of religion. I am a Constitutionalist. I also believe that anyone who blindly follows their political party is a part of the problem with our political system.

So this website was created to present the news with as little spin as possible. Contributors to this site are required to follow a few rules:

1. Respect your subjects. Regardless of your personal feelings on a subject, articles should reflect our professionalism. Childish behavior like name calling is unacceptable.
2. Cite your sources. I am not looking for opinion pieces filled with baseless allegations against someone there is animosity against. Instead, we want thoughtful stories based on facts that are cited. We also do not want conjecture or embellishment. While it is acceptable to point out potential scenarios based on provided evidence, no conclusion should be provided without the evidence to back it up.
3. Think for themselves. We do not want someone rehashing the political opinions of Fox News or CNN. If we strongly believe in a point, then we should make every effort to challenge that point. If we put as much effort into discrediting our own beliefs as we do the beliefs of others, we can see a clearer picture of our subjects.
4. To be honest before all else. Reporting the news or our interpretation of the news requires that we be patient and honest. If we are wrong, we must admit that as loudly as we reported it.

And this is our mission statement. To provide you the information to make up your own minds on a topic. We should be educating the public, not influencing it. And that is why these rules matter.

We hope you enjoy as we go on this new journey to help navigate the political battlefield that has left a scorched earth across this Nation in an effort to provide the truth. We aren’t perfect, we will make mistakes along the way, but we will be accountable. And that is something the media today is sorely missing.